Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Jeff's Turn To Shine

The week before Christmas, Jeff received a commission for a southwestern church painted in his dramatic style to be given as a gift. Of course his friend wondered if he could finish it in time for Christmas! So, what to my wondering eyes did appear, but an amazingly bold painting as the end of the week drew near.

Jeff chose acrylics because he knew they would dry lightning fast, and they were what he used on his other church paintings. It really helps to be familiar with your media and the color palette. Jeff painted for years with acrylics before he tried the oils. His art loving friend actually wanted to buy the "Zuni Pueblo Church" painting, but Jeff wasn't ready to part with that particular piece. Jeff reassured him that he could do something very similar and his friend was very happy with the result.

I was impressed that he has such a distinctive style. Some people love it and others don't, but it is something they always told us in art school you must have so that people could instantly recognize your work. He has held back for a lot of years because he got an initial response from someone that he respected that was somewhat negative. (I believe the term used was "horror show".) Lately, he has had some more positive responses, and this commission has been the best of all. I am incredibly proud of him and hope he will continue to paint more great paintings.

Jeff's Corner: "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..."


Camille said...

I love your vibrant colors and the way that I feel that I am looking up, or over my shoulder. It makes me part of the painting and I really like that.

Daniel & Magen said...

Wow! that really looks great! Good job Jeff...I hope you have had a wonderful christmas. Love you!

JackieG said...

Horror show? Really? Guess I love a good horror show. Great job Jeff, way cool.
Tina, thanks for including the close up of the gate. Love that shot alone just as much as the entire painting.