Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
Because "someday" is today!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shifting Gears!

What a week. We sent a sample of three paintings each to the art director at Ojo Caliente where we are hoping to show our work this spring. We received a nice e-mail back where she explained that she loved my flowers, but she knew the General Manager almost always went with southwest landscapes or themes. !!!

I called her and said I could try to have an example of my landscape work in a week. She did apologize for not getting back to me sooner. I had sent an e-mail in December explaining my intention to paint floral subjects, but I didn't get a response. Anyway, I have been scrambling through my photo collection to find suitable landscapes and generally freaking out.

I was so looking forward to having two finished paintings to post this week and I had chosen the rest of my flower subjects and canvases. I could picture the whole show, and now I am completely turned upside down. Poor Jeff has been very patient with my stress, although he says I am like a cat with her tail poofed out. Unfortunately, that is a pretty good description of me right now!

Working like crazy all weekend has yielded one 11"x14" painting, "Taos Canyon Sunrise" that still doesn't feel quite right. I am not posting it because I am not happy with it yet. I really had my hopes on doing that show, and all I can do is try my best. I wish I had time to paint another subject this week, but if I can get the sunset to work, it will be really impressive. Crossing my fingers...

Jeff Corner: If you get her cornered and her tail poufs out- leave her cornered!


Rob and Amy said...

Tina!!!! I'm so impressed! I love the grey poppy and columbine. They are amazing. I'm feeling inspired to get the orchid pics that Anna took for me developed and send them to you. Although that may push you over the edge just now. Good thing I procrastinate. I also love the 'lillies of the field'. What a beautiful idea! And I do have a special place in my heart for orange/red. Whoever passed your painting up has lost their mind. Love you tons!!!

Dawn Chandler said...

Tina -- I have to wonder: Do you even want to paint landscapes? Why not pursue another venue for your florals, for they seem to be your true passion?

Or if you want to do the landscapes, but feel unbearably pressed for time, why not reschedule with Ojo and do a show there later?

Just some ideas.... ;)