Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
Because "someday" is today!

Monday, June 1, 2009

To be like Georgia, or not...

I finally had some of my own Irises bloom this spring and this morning I had a great photo taking experience. I have been wondering how I could make my "back-light" flower series of paintings more interesting and have considered closer angles and unusual view points.

Of course, these start looking reminiscent of Georgia O'Keefe's famous flower paintings. The only difference is that I would have more of a sense of light shining through the petals. I have always admired her work, but I don't like to be a copy cat. I suppose all I can do is try out the idea and see if I like it. Sometimes something that looks great as a photograph doesn't translate well onto canvas.

Ah, choices.

Jeff's Corner: "Georgia on my mind..."


Camille said...

How funny! I wrote about Georgia on my blog today, then checked yours and found you'd been thinking of her also! I guess it's the beautiful, bold spring flowers! I love the way you capture the light through the petals though...I think you've got her beat on that one!

Rob and Amy said...

Your irises are so pretty and you really have a knack for catching them with the backlighting. Very cool. We got a new kitten :)