Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
Because "someday" is today!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello Spring

Surprise!  They are yellow.
I had a tulip bulb that had accidentally ended up in one of my indoor planters because I am guilty of reusing dirt from other pots. The last two years, it has sent up green leaves but never blooms.
I thought that it just didn't get enough sun, being inside and all, but I never moved it.

This year when the leaves came out, I was amazed to see two buds. Oh my, what color would they be? After reading about tulips, I realized that the bulbs need to get cold before they will bloom again. This year was record cold, 22 degrees below at our place. I am reminded that good things can come from difficulties.

I finished one painting, Cat Trip, when I was doing my "relationship" paintings in February. Because of several difficulties, I haven't painted much since....but I can take heart that like the tulip, maybe these troubles will help me bloom later unexpectedly.

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