Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
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Monday, April 30, 2018

Diving In

Wild Canary takes a  break in the ornamental cherry tree outside my kitchen window. photo ©2018 Tina M.Welter
Wild canary takes a break in the ornamental cherry outside my window.

It's spring! Time to get out the camera and go flower hunting. Capturing flower photos isn't as easy here in our neighborhood in Nevada as it was in Baker City, Oregon but thankfully, I have a few in my own yard to enjoy. Plus, we seem to be in the flight path of more varieties of birds returning after their winter away and that has been a delightful surprise.  

Since we are living in a rented home, I suppose it wasn't surprising that the flower beds were a complete weedy tangle when we moved in last June. Most people aren't as motivated or obsessive, depending on your viewpoint, as I am about growing things. I was determined to get some bulbs in last fall before my hand surgery and happily my good works were rewarded with some early blooms.

Purple and white crocus blooms in my yard, photo ©2018 Tina M.Welter
Crocus Triple Play. Pow, what a display!

I wish I had some more paintings of flowers to share with you instead of just my photos, but I have a large illustration project that recently came my way about a month ago. I am working on 20 illustrations for a book proposal. I was hesitant to accept doing it since I haven't done illustration for so long and just the idea sent my Inner 'Fraidy Cat into a full anxiety tap dance routine in my head!

Daffodil Single, photo ©2018 Tina M.Welter
Daffodil Single. Just plain elegant.

I felt it was important to try stepping out of my comfort zone, so I insisted that 'Fraidy take off the tap shoes and I dove in. The part I love about illustration is the research and the internet has made that a much easier adventure. I'm old enough to remember the days before personal computers, when research meant spending hours in a library or buying books to find the reference I was looking for. Do you want to know what people were wearing in the 1800's? (Yes, this is a topic I needed to know more about.) No problem, just dive into the multitude of rabbit holes on-line. Here is a woman who records herself getting dressed in period clothing from the underclothes on up! Amazing. "Dressing Up" link = 9 min. includes helpful descriptions + great music.

Single purple Grecian Windflower, photo ©2018 Tina M. Welter
Grecian Windflower. Delicate and strong!

I like research so much that it is a temptation to get stuck in that comfort zone too and procrastinate the drawing and designing step. Again, I have to remind my Inner 'Fraidy Cat to "just dive in!" I can't solve all the design issues in my head, I have to get the pencil or paint on the paper first, then I can judge if what I imagined is going to succeed or not.

Test watercolor River, trees and temple at sunrise, LT project image #2 ©2018 Tina M.Welter
Test watercolor, LT project image #2 ©2018 Tina M.Welter

It helps to remember that it usually gets better once I take the creative plunge and give it my best dog-paddle!

Happy creating,


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