Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Road Blocks

I wanted to practice painting a landscape with the oil paints before we go to Greece this October. After finding a copyright-free image that I liked, I started with the drawing. Using my imagination, I added the tops to the buildings that were cut off in the photo. Then I adjusted the composition by adding more sky space to the top and more sea to the right.

When I had a drawing I liked, I transferred it to the canvas. Next I painted in that golden sky and some of that same color as highlights on the water, then progress stopped. I did have to go out of town, but even when I returned I couldn't seem to get going again.

After a week, I examined my feelings and realized I was very anxious. I chose this image because I liked the low golden sunlight on the water and the buildings, which is want I wanted to capture in the painting. This was also the reason I was stuck. I wasn't sure how to proceed and I feared making mistakes. Once I realized that was the problem, I knew I had to move past this mental "creativity killer".

When I got up the next morning, I didn't allow myself time to think about it. I settled in, brushes in hand and decided I could get all the dark and light values in the rock face behind the buildings. This went so well, I continued with the rocks in the front of the buildings. My painting time was up, but now I felt like I wanted to finish the painting.

I am still uncertain on how to do the water, but I think if I just focus on the dark and light values one section at a time, I will be all right. I feel a bit nervous putting a painting that isn't finished out for everyone to see, but I am learning it is all about facing the fear!

Jeff's Corner: Sometimes your roadblocks may just be sobriety checks...


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. i could tell it was a work in progress.

RickandGina said...

HELLO!!!!! Its your fabulous niece GINA! How are you both? Katie said that you had a blog so I rushed right over. Come and see mine when you get a chance. We are rickandgina.blogspot
I love you and miss you both!

RickandGina said...

And the painting is a wonderful choice. I love it! I just told Rick that we should get into the market for one from you.

Dawn Chandler said...


What's staggering to me is that you have ever questioned your talent. You are clearly extraordinarily gifted. These are beautiful, remarkable and exquisite paintings. Keep doing it! Keep doing it! Keep doing it!

I look forward very much to seeing these in person -- tonight!