Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time Warp

Hello all, I had plans to write about our trip home which is quite the story, but I am short on time and still trying to adjust to being home. We have found that it is taking longer than we thought to get back into the swing of things. Jeff got an extra bonus by getting sick the day after we got home. All my paranoid taking of garlic and germ fighters for enclosed spaces seem to have paid off, I didn't catch what Jeff had, which for those who know me, the Queen-of-Colds, is quite the miracle!

Another thing we didn't expect was to still have any sort of employment. Our talented boss decided that maybe we could work out something long distance. We have still had to move the part of the studio we will be using here to a new location, so that has taken some time and adjustment. I did request an extra day off each week to work on my own artwork and she was willing to accommodate me.

Jeff and I met a lovely lady when we were at a friends wedding this fall, and she is interested in showing our paintings this spring at a local hotel-spa-resort. They are interested in Southwest themes and so we will have to put the Greece paintings on hold if we want to be considered for that show. We would love to take advantage of the opportunity and plan to go out and try to see and photograph this area just like we did in Greece.

Our photos from Greece are still in our cameras and I have not completely unpacked one of my bags. I am trying my best to hold on to the calm, easy attitude I had there and not get so stressed out with everyday life. Our mantra on the trip was that "everything works out", and it did, when I relaxed and let it! I am posting my most favorite photo from the trip. It was supposed to go on the "Wild Things" blog, but I couldn't find it last time. This cat came by while we were on the beach with all the confidence in the world and made himself quite at home on my towel. When he had received the attention he thought he deserved, he continued on down the beach to greet the next lucky person. Everything works out, eventually.

Jeff's Corner: Airplanes are just flying germ cans! (cough, cough)

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Rob and Amy said...

Love the 'cool cats'!! In St. Martin we had a kitten come sit by us at dinner in a restaurant. Cats love me. We LOVED it. The poor waiter was horrified when he saw the restaurant cat sitting in our laps - In a tone of disbelief he said, "but it's eating your food" (off the table not our plates) We just laughed and said, "Cuz we fed him! It's good food!"