Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
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Thursday, August 15, 2013


10"x 8" oil on "Gessobord" copyright 2013 Tina M. Welter
"Endless Love" 10"x 8" oil on "Gessobord" c. 2013 TMW
I had promised a painting for two dear young friends of mine as a wedding gift.  When I asked what they would prefer, a painting of swans or of the Salt Lake City LDS temple they were married in, the bride sweetly asked if she could have both.   !!!

I was a bit stumped.  I had never considered combining the two, since swans don't regularly wander around Temple Square in Utah.  My first thought was, "not possible", but being a people-pleaser I decided to try and make some sketches.

Imagine my delight when I discovered there was a reflecting pool in front of the SLC temple.  Aha!  I could combine my swans from an earlier painting, "Encounter" with a reflection of that iconic building.  My thanks to David C. Moore for the photograph that inspired me.  Sometimes, two or three heads are better than one.  I love how these ideas combined to create a much better painting.

I would also like to honor my dear parents in this post.  My Mom recently passed away in July, eleven months after my Dad.  They demonstrated such kindness and love to each other all of their lives, truly "Endless Love" represents them.  Thanks so much Mom and Dad.  I miss you.

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