Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

But I'm so little!

"But I'm So Little!" 6"x 8" watercolor on 140lb paper, ©2017 Tina M.Welter  Brown and white striped kitten with blue ball of yarn.
"But I'm So Little!" 6"x 8" watercolor on 140lb paper, ©2017

 Setting goals are out and making new habits are in! This is the message I have distilled from many of the other blogs and articles I have read recently for tips on making 2017 a successful creative year.

I think there might be something to it. If you can make a habit of doing something regularly, you are more likely to reach the destination you want. Kind of like taking a measured number steps up a mountain you want to climb. If you can keep going, eventually you will get there.

I struggle with believing that creating for only a small amount of time daily can help me move a project forward, but I am willing to try it.  

I was really inspired by Melissa Dinwiddie's blog about committing to "small daily acts" of making art. I was completely impressed by what she was able to accomplish with a 15 minute a day commitment. For example, she created a whole body of art, 150 pieces in 2011. Wow, that blew my mind!

My "mountain top" destination is finishing my seven song album, "The Upside of Down" that I started over two years ago.  All the songs are in various stages of completion and I just need to focus and finish them. I also have art-work in mind to go with each song, so those are included with this project.

Who wants to join me? Do you have a project that is haunting you that needs completion? Can you imagine a creative way you can take a few "steps" everyday? If you want some inspiration and ideas, check out Melissa's blog and podcast here.

I would love to hear about your stalled project and what habit you plan to do daily.  I will keep you posted about mine.

Here's to finishing even more beautiful things in 2017!


"But I'm so Little" 4"x 5" sketch, pencil on paper © 2017 Tina M Welter Small kitten with ball of yarn.
"But I'm so Little" 4"x 5" sketch, pencil on paper

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