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Bird & Sunrise photo
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's In Your World?

Imagine a world. I've been thinking of this idea all week. I haven't imagined a would since I was at least six. I remember what it used to feel like, but somewhere along the way I decided I would rather read about other people's worlds in books. I think I stopped believing I was creative enough to make up my own.

I've been reading Eric Maisel's "The Creativity Book" which is full of a years worth of exercises to help you become an "everyday creative person", no matter what your personal creative passion is. This particular exercise really got to me. I realized how incredibly organized and goal oriented most of my thinking is all day. I get a lot done, but it feels like I never let my mind out to play!

I also happened to see the movie "Bridge to Terebithia" this week and it was all about two young people who use this creative ability to deal with the difficult things in their lives, i.e. school bullies, parents, and death. It had more substance to it than most "kid" movies and it made a good point on how our imaginations can help us.

Think about it. What kind of things would you do in your world? Who would you meet? So far, I know I would have my own flying car, I would go to a beautiful deserted beach and then some adventure would ensue involving a giant fish that swallowed the moon....

Try it out. It's a great stress reliever. Let me know if you surprise yourself!

Jeff's corner: In my world, every road would have a special lane just for me, and all the traffic lights would be GREEN!


Logan said...

My world would have a surface temperature always between 15 and 30 degrees C, less gravity (maybe .8 G), lots of sandstone & other slickrock with water-pockets, and it would be in a globular cluster.

The unanimous Declaration of the world's Normal People

The Moon of Alabama - my favourite 'blog for discussion of world affairs.

Mike Eagle said...

We missed seeing and talking to you while in Taos/Santa Fe last week.

Jeff--I bet Tina's world would include indoor plumbing.

Marla said...

Tina & Jeff,
I have tried to blog you several times but I am computerly challenged. I had such a great time talking with you guys at the reunion. You have lived such a adventuresome life. Your work is amazing. I can not believe that it has taken you so long to realize that you can make a living off of you work. I think you will have no problem making a great living doing what you love. I am so excited for you to go to Greece, I want to see all your paintings from you trip. We went to Paris and Rome last year and I have tons of paint worthy pictures from our trip that I have not dared attempt to paint yet. Maybe I will be inspired by you. If you would like any of these pictures I could send you some. I will keep checking your blog and will keep intouch, once again it was great to see you.