Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Balancing Act

I went out of town recently to visit my family which involves a 12 hour drive. I have made it a goal to take my camera with me more often when I go anywhere and I tried to capture some good pictures in what I call "guerilla photo taking" on this trip too. This often involves shooting out of a moving car window, (yes, Jeff was driving) or only taking a quick moment to take a picture when we made a stop.
Driving by some of the red rock scenery in southern Utah, 'm surprised they are in focus at all! © 2009 Tina M Welter
Red Rocks really fast!

It was great to see my family and I was very pleased to discover that many of them have been following the blog. Some haven't commented, so I didn't know they were reading along. I have been contemplating ways that I could use my flower painting images in more ways than just the finished painting. I appreciated the great response from the idea to put them on cards. I would also be open to any other appropriate suggestions.
 Rest stop for a quick drink of water, southern Utah. © 2009 Tina M. Welter
Quick stop at the springs.

Traveling away for a weekend made me realize how fine the balancing act I have been doing in order to get any art work completed. In between work, church, housework, and trying to start a garden, a long week-end away meant I didn't make any progress on the paintings. I felt anxious that I hadn't been creating anything and didn't have something new for the blog.
Train cars side tracked. Utah desert, Between Price and Green River. © 2009 Tina M Welter
Jeff's favorite subject.

I decided to take a look at what I had accomplished. I took some cool pictures, I found out I had more support than I knew about, and I took stock and realized that in a year from when I first set out to paint more seriously, I have completed 13 oil and 9 watercolor paintings. That is a marked increase from the one painting a year I had been doing the for the last twenty years.

I suppose every juggler drops the ball now and then, especially a new juggler. I can pick up where I left off and keep going. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback!

Jeff's Corner: Jeff will comment when HE gets back from his business trip out of town...

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Rob and Amy said...

Bowen would love the train photo, too! In fact, for a solid week after you guys were up, Bowen asked if we could go to Jeff's house that day. They must be kindred spirits :)
I think all your Greek cats would make a great calendar. The one on the dumpster can be January :)
Thanks for your nice comments on etsy!