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Bird & Sunrise photo
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

First, the theory...

Tina, portrait shot by Jeff Welter in Taos Canyon, NM

Have you ever wondered if any of those self-help books really do anything for anyone besides make the author a little bit of cash? I've decided to document my efforts to change my life using the skills I've been learning from a couple of books that I have been studying this year.

Approximately twenty years ago I graduated from college thinking I would make my living being an artist. I didn't realize then what an issue I had with fear. The paralyzing kind. In those twenty or so years, I painted a few paintings, did some graphic design work, waited tables, put labels on mugs, (a high point indeed) and ran a concession stand among other things. Five years ago I got the opportunity to work in the studio of an artist that was doing so well she could afford assistants. What a glorious job! A steady paycheck and working with a talented, generous artist.

Last December my talented boss announced she is moving to a new city over 100 miles away. My husband, Jeff and I discussed and decided not to move with the job for reasons I will blog about later. And now for the Self-Help.

Also last December I had been re-reading Eric Maisel's "Coaching the Artist Within". I had had this book for a couple of years, but I hadn't really done the work he was suggesting. This time I actually started to do the exercises. In April, the book club I belong to decided to read "The Intention Experiment" by Lynne McTaggert. These put all kinds of ideas into my head that maybe my artist dream wasn't quite dead yet. Maybe my wonderful job ending is not the terrifying financial end it feels like. With the ghosts of jobs past haunting me, I hope to face the fear and take the first steps on the journey of actually making a living as an artist. I hope this will be as intesting to you as it is for me. Tina

To add another another perspective to this experiment, I've decided to add a comment from my husband with each entry and call it "Jeff's Corner"

Jeff says "Remember, God never closes a door without throwing you out the window..."

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Contessa said...

These are a few of my favorite art books as well as 1 Self-Help books. :P Don't you wish we could all afford a life coach?! I know I would.

Art and Fear
The Blank Canvas
The Four Agreements

...and I want to read The Secret. Art and Fear is a great motivator for the art slump/self-doubt point. Go you!