Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
Because "someday" is today!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reality Check

Let the sunshine in!
I had every intention of having the pink poppy painting I was working on ready to post on the blog this week. Two weeks ago, I had a suspicious scratchiness in my throat and the next morning there was no doubt about it, one of those tenacious viruses had made itself at home and I was going to suffer the consequences for its visit.

I thought since I wasn't going in to work, that I would "make lemonade" and try to get some painting done. I managed about an hour's worth of work before I had to admit defeat. It may not seem like a person is working very hard when they are painting, but for me the concentration and focus did take a good deal more energy than I even imagined. I was glad I could at least make it to the Miniature Show opening with the help of Ibuprofen and Coca Cola.*

The next week, I did manage to go to work, which was good since there was a deadline for a piece of artwork that had to be finished that week. Jeff had been able to work on the piece while I was sick, but the bad news was that stealthy virus decided to visit Jeff and he took his turn to feel miserable.

I thought maybe I would paint in the evenings, but I was still feeling drained from being sick and after working all day, I just didn't have the energy. I am glad a didn't have a real deadline other the the one I put on myself to have the painting done. I think it is a good reminder that sometimes other realities happen.

While lying in bed, I did see some great sunlight through the leaves of one of my houseplants and I just had to take a picture. I am sharing it with you today. I just love backlight!

Jeff's Corner: *"I hear Keith Richards lives on that stuff!" (see above)

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Rob and Amy said...

coca cola is magical!! That is a cool pic with the leaves:) Sorry you were sick - I just hate it when viruses are 'fullfilling the measure of their existence'.