Bird & Sunrise photo

Bird & Sunrise photo
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


8"x 10" oil on "Gessobord" copyright 2012 Tina M. Welter
"Journey" 8"x 10"oil on "Gessobord"c.2012 TMW
This painting is a something I haven't attempted in a long time...a landscape.  Some of the first paintings I attempted years ago in watercolor were landscapes and I felt they were not successful.  I tried a few more here and there over the years, but resigned myself that I was just not a landscape painter.  I am happy to say that after a year of focusing on my painting that I am finally satisfied with one of my landscapes.

"Journey" represents to me how the unknown lies before us and even with family or friends, inevitably we still have to face our fears and anxieties alone.  Moving to a country where I don't speak the language, trying to figure out my artistic voice, losing my father to cancer three months ago– I have felt the intensity of panic, negative beliefs about myself, and just plain uncertainty about everything.  The most relief I have experienced was when I could give myself some approval, reassure myself that we will have enough.

With Skype, I shared this painting with my sweet Mom.  She thought I should have painted two swans...I don't disagree.  Every journey IS better when shared with someone else, and I am so grateful I have Jeff to share with, but I couldn't change it.  Each of our experiences are so unique.  Heading out under the bridge into larger water, means something different to everyone.  My swan swims alone.


Heather L said...

I love it Tina! Beautiful

Aaron and Julia Waldron said...

What a beautiful painting! It is so calm and peaceful, I love it!