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Bird & Sunrise photo
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do Our Thoughts Affect Matter?

Do our thoughts make a difference in the actual physical world? Great question, and Lynne Mctaggart the author of "The Intention Experiment" decided she wanted to really find the answer to this question. I read this book this spring with my book club. As I read, I realized I was rather behind in the field of quantum physics and many of the latest experiments that have been taking place in the last 20 years. I have several books on changing your life through changing your thinking, and I do think they help, but I had never read one that was trying to prove it scientifically.

In Mctaggart's words: "This central idea, that consciousness affects matter, lies at the very heart of an irreconcilable difference between the world view offered by classical physics-the science of the big,visible world-and that of quantum physics: the science of the world's most diminutive components. That difference concerns the very nature of matter and the ways it can be influenced to change."

I have always been rather intimidated by the seemingly big and immovable world. It is a very different mindset to consider that the atoms that make up the physical world are "tiny clouds of probability." That the subatomic world is "not a solid and stable thing, but exists simply as a potential of any one of its future selves." That said, the whole rest of book is trying to determine what measurable effect we can have on that world, and what ways are most successful. I have to say, it made it seem more realistic to try some thought changes when there was some evidence to back it up that it might actually make a difference. I thought it would be very interesting to run my own experiment using my life as the lab and document the results as we go along, hence the name for this blog.

Lynne Mctaggart is offering for anyone who is interested in participating in a group Intention Experiment can go to their website at I like that there are people out there trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Anyone can also post their own experiments and the results.

I know it sounds a bit hokey, but you should read the book and decide for yourself or just read what happens to us! Our basic intention is: "To support ourselves comfortably financially using our best talents in creatively satisfying ways." That is a mouthful, but you are supposed to be very specific. I hope that is specific enough!

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JackieG said...

Thanks for sharing more of your art and deep thoughts too. They are beautiful and inspiring. It makes me think I need some canvas and paint. I especially love Waiting, Opening, Closing, Holding, Releasing, Emptying, and Sitting. JackieG

to: jeff's corner- your my fav
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